It’s crazy to think that it was exactly 594 days ago when we last had a bigger event with foreign artists…
It’s been a long quiet time and we have missed you a lot, dear Ravers.

As the entertainment sector restrictions are now a little bit more humane, we decided to start a brand new concept which is titled “RAVECONNECTED” and we are happy to announce that the first event will be brought to you already in less than 6 weeks!

We invited our good friends ★ RAN-D ★ and ★ MC RENEGADE ★ from the Netherlands back to Estonia to bring you the show you’ve been waiting for. Ran-D has been one of the most active artists in the scene during the pandemic and lockdowns so he seems to be the perfect match for Rawest to open the new concept …the new era.

Are you ready to get RAVECONNECTED?

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